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“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1

“Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

Today’s Christian daily devotional

“I’m going to Kyle’s house.” Ryan grabbed the keys to the family station wagon, dashing out the door before anyone could protest. Mrs. Allender heard them rattle a split second too late.

“Ryan just left…again.” She called out in defeat to her husband sitting in the den.

“So, let him go.  That’s what teenagers do, Linda.” Mr. Allender barely glanced up from fidgeting with the television remote.

Linda couldn’t help but wonder if her reaction was an over-exaggeration to her natural mothering instincts. Ryan was the Allender’s only child. Linda had no idea what to expect from his teenage years.

She knew there was a delicate balance of enforcing the rules of their home yet giving her son room to grow and mature.

Linda lifted a lace panel from the front window, peering down the street. It was hard loosening her grip on her most precious possession.

Ryan was out there, somewhere; beyond her reach but never far from her heart. She felt it swell in fear and silently hoped that Ryan wouldn’t break it.

Her carefree son careened down the suburban streets with the arrogance of any seventeen year old.  It was a Friday night and Ryan’s football buddy, Kyle was hosting a weekend get-together.  He always had the best parties.

Ms. Baker was also the coolest mom. She never uttered a word of protest when Kyle or his friends ‘snuck’ alcohol into her home. As long as they were safe in her residence and not on the road driving, having a few drinks didn’t seem like a big deal.

“That’s just what teenagers do.  I did it and I turned out fine.” Ms. Baker mentally justified her choices whenever she started to question her lax parenting.

Ryan loved the fact that Kyle even learned to roll his first joint from mom. It made him idolize Ms. Baker that much more.

“I wish my mom was chill like that.  She freaks out about everything.” Ryan gazed at the amazing Ms. Baker as she left the room.

In Proverbs 14:1 we hear the description of how a wise woman builds her home.  Unfortunately, there’s no mention of how a ‘cool’ woman does it.

Because this world embraces evil more than it does the wisdom of the Bible; It would be safe to say that the ‘cool’ or popular way of doing things might be the exact opposite of what God would want.

In Matthew 7:13-14 the Bible mentions that the path of destruction will be the path of least resistance.  This road will be the one that many people will find themselves going down. This is because so many of their friends are already on it. It’s always easier to be swept away by the comfort of popular thinking.

Although Ms. Baker may have avoided the pitfall of addiction to drugs or alcohol for herself, many people who simply take one sip or puff are chained to these destructive behaviors for life.

A child will learn by example. And even though most will test the boundaries being set for them; putting your official stamp of approval on the activities that could be the beginning of their end is foolish.

At the end of the day, the world doesn’t need another ‘cool’ mom.  The coolest thing you can do for your child is to be what they really need: a wise mom.

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I have wrestled in my heart about wanting to be acceptable in my child’s eyes and wanting to be acceptable in your eyes.

Sadly, I have allowed the one that I can see influence my choices more.  God, you are wiser than me.  I should be letting you lead my choices.

Allowing my young one to lead is foolish.  It might be the beginning of their destruction and that will be the end of me as well.

Lord, the world is pulling me in one direction and I can feel you calling me in a completely different one. I feel stuck.  HELP!

My parent’s didn’t make the best choices and I really don’t feel qualified or prepared to make the best ones either.

As my Heavenly Father, I am going to have to trust that you will provide all the wisdom this ignorant parent needs. You said you would supply my needs.  My child needs me to be the best parent I can.  Show me what this means and how I can do it.

In Jesus’ precious name, because I love my family more than I love myself.  Amen.”

Thank you for reading today’s Christian daily devotional on verses: Proverbs 14:1 and Matthew 7:13-14

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Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

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