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Go for the GOLD, not the COLD.

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Go for the GOLD, not the COLD.

“He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will He pay him again.” Proverbs 19:17

Today’s Christian daily devotional

Kimber taps her fingers while sipping her decaf coffee.  She checks the clock on her phone; it’s almost eleven p.m.

The waitress pauses to offer Kimber another refill.

“I’ve been keeping my eye out for your son.” She winks, remembering the private joke between the odd couple.

Tommy was a grown man well into his fifties.  But, with a few decades of heavy drinking under his belt, he looked more like he was approaching his seventies.

With her round cheeks and bright smile, Kimber, a vibrant thirty-two year old, could easily pass for a twenty two year old college kid.

She often joked that Tommy was her adopted son, and last week this waitress was there to witness the two having fun with it.

Tommy and Kimber first met only eight short months ago. After seeing Tommy’s frail figure on the side of the road, something compelled her to pull over. This wasn’t something she would have normally done. But the more she looked at this stranger’s thin frame, the less she could stop herself.

“Are you hungry?” She rolled down the window and called out to the crumpled figure  huddled in a corner of the underpass.

A pair of glassy but soulful blue eyes peeked behind a tussle of matted hair.  He looked startled at the offer and simply nodded his head, half in disbelief.

Kimber parked her car and slowly hopped out, praying that God would watch over them both. She didn’t say a word; only pointed at the bright neon sign of Harry’s Twenty Four Hour Diner just up the block.

The two strangers walked in silence, an uncomfortable distance between then.

After sharing a hot meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, Tommy finally broke the silence.

“Thanks, ‘Mam. I’ve never had a pretty woman take me out before.” His shy and charming smile melted Kimber’s heart.

“I’d be happy to do it again.” If he only knew just how her heart wanted to do so much more.

“Really?” He pulled out a few rolls from the breadbasket, tucking them deep into his pockets.

Kimber whisked up the remaining bread and motioned to the waitress to add them to her bill.

“Sure thing, Tommy.  I would be honored.” Touching his soiled hand, she placed the last of the bread in it.

After that first introduction, every Thursday night at eleven p.m. Tommy and Kimber would meet at Harry’s.  Sometimes they would dine on pizza, other nights it would be pancakes. But it was always Tommy’s pick and after they left, they both felt as if they shared a meal fit for a king. Who was richer from it? God only knows.

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the riches and blessings you have bestowed to me.  There is so much to be thankful for and it has been a while since I have looked at my life with a grateful heart.

Lord, I know that you love all of humanity.  We are all wonderfully created in your image.  Some people have a hard time believing that, because they have suffered much in this life.

Let the generational curses from those broken hearts be healed.  Touch the ones who have so much to give with generous hearts of compassion. Lead them to give what you want them to give, and open their hearts to enjoy every moment of it.

Bless those gifts be like a warm pat of butter to melt the hearts of those who feel like you have forgotten them.

You haven’t forgotten.  But, sadly, many of us who can give have forgotten about the wonderful blessing of being a giver.

In Jesus’ precious name, bless us all to have hearts that never run out of goodness or mercy, Amen.”

Thank you for reading today’s Christian daily devotional on verses: Proverbs 19:17

Please check back and see what we have for you tomorrow!

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

*This devotion is dedicated to my generous friends: Kelly, Ben, Mary and Gracie.  You live by Proverbs 19:17 and it not only touches my heart , but inspires me to do just the same.

Please remember to keep all those who struggle with addiction to find the peace that only Christ can give.

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