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Be a REBEL with a cause.

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Published on December 22, 2011 with No Comments

Be a REBEL with a cause.

“Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.  Look not every man on his own things, but every man on the things of others.”  Phil. 2:3

Today’s Christian Daily Devotional

How much does this verse contrast the trend of today?  Everybody seems to be out there for himself.  It is a dog-eat-dog kind of world.  I know.  As a former model, stripper and bartender, I found myself working in some of the most ruthless and heartless industries a girl could find herself in. (For fifteen years!) All I saw was greediness, selfishness and vain thinking.  It took such a toll on me in every way—it affected me mentally, emotionally and the most importantly, it was killing me spiritually.  I started to loose hope in the goodness of human beings, because I rarely saw evidence of the goodness of man in my everyday life.  The minute I chose to turn my back on my dead-end jobs (and the lifestyles, friendships and habits that went with them) I went looking for friends and influences that reflected the attitude of Phil 2:3.  When I did that, a funny thing happened! I felt hope for the first time.  This hope led me to believe that there could be something better for me…and that hope led me to read the Bible.  After really studying the words of Jesus Christ, one day I finally GOT it.  Jesus WAS hope for humanity because HE was DIFFERENT.  He chose to not act like the selfish people of His time.  He was the ultimate unselfish, self-sacrificing humble one that spoke the truth and was hated for it. He was the original rebel.  And so, in a sense, I have made the choice to become a rebel myself.  Before, when I was stripping, I was rebelling against common sense, my own future and the restraints of society.  Today I am happy to be a different kind of rebel.  I choose to rebel against the “norm”.  I don’t want to be like everyone else.  I want to be nicer.  Happier.  Peaceful. I usually find those things when I take a moment to STOP thinking of myself.  What do you want?

“Dear Heavenly Father,

What a mess the world is!  You created a masterpiece (humans) and gave man free will and look what we have done with what you gave us!  I cry out that you extend your mercy.  Help all to see that Jesus is not a joke and that He died so the world did not have to be overcome by the dark side of life.   The world is ugly because we choose not to rise above what the common man does.  We must rebel against what society accepts as “normal”.  We must not accept such low expectations of ourselves.  Lord, instill a supernatural understanding of the wisdom of your word.  Show all who pick up the Bible what you mean, and give everyone who reads it the guts to give your wisdom a try.  It won’t be easy, but the results are guaranteed.  You will change us and it WILL be for the better.  In Jesus’ precious name, all for being a rebel with a cause, Amen.” 

Thank you for reading today’s daily devotional.  Please check back and see what we have for you tomorrow!



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