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Supernatural prayer for spiritual protection and insight

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Prayer, Supernatural


Published on March 06, 2013 with No Comments

Supernatural prayer for spiritual protection and insight

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you that your word has given us warnings and revelations of what is to come for those who serve you and those who are against you.

Help me to remember to get back to the basics whenever I feel confused. The Bible will guide me out of confusion and into the light of the truth.

Sometimes it will say things I don’t want to hear or believe. This should not bring confusion but conviction.  This must mean there’s something that needs to change in my life for me to be sitting under the blessings of God.

Lord, in your word you said that satan would be touted as an angel of light.  It seems he is taking over the minds and hearts of this generation. And, they are walking right into his lies.  I might be one of them and not even know it!

Today, I am making a stand against the enemy of my soul.  He is seeking to destroy me from the inside out.  He is subtle and crafty will use my own lustful nature against me.

Lord, this why you instructed us to be sober and vigilant.  I will no longer keep making excuses for my favorite sins.  I will obey whatever your still small voice tells me to do.

This will only happen if I can actually hear your still, small voice.  Lord, anoint my ears to hear your instruction.

I will commit to fasting from all television, video games, media and radio for seven days.

This is so I can purge myself from the world’s way of thinking and start tapping into the heart and mind of God.

Lord, because I will have some extra time, I will promise to invest it wisely.

I commit to reading your Bible with an open heart and an open mind.  I am going to learn from the mistakes of the people in it, and I will choose to walk in the ways of righteousness and holiness. This will separate me from the world.

When I do this, I step out of the paths of destruction.  For you are a just God and you hate wickedness.

In the name of Jesus I cast out the spirits of confusion, addictions to wrong thinking, a selfish mentality, religious spirits, self-righteous spirits and pride.

I humbly bow before you, Lord and ask that you bless me with a heart that will chose your way even if it is the hard way.

Lord, during this fast open my spiritual eyes. Remove the blinders that were placed there by the wrong influences of friends, family, music, television shows, video games, movies and media that had the intensions of drawing my heart away from your’s.  They almost did, Lord.

Make it very clear to me where I was falling into deception. In the name of Jesus I break every curse and every spell that was spoken over me through any means.

In the future, if there are curses, hexes, prayers and chants spoken over me they will be rendered powerless. I bless those who have tried to harm me with a prayer of salvation.  One day they will come to know the God they have once hated as the only one who has ever truly loved them.

Help me to not only walk into the path of righteousness but to help guide others to it as well.  I cannot be a true believer in Christ if I don’t have the love of Christ for others.

Heaven will not be heaven if I don’t bring my loved ones with me.

Remind me that in this life there is a battle for my soul.  Help me to stay on the right tract, day by day until it is time for me to go home, Lord.

In Jesus’ precious name, Bless me to sound the trumpet of warning and to be a beacon of light in this dark and wicked world that seeks to kill the good that is growing in me.  Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

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