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Prayer of restoration for Spiritual Warfare

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Spiritual Warfare

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Published on August 03, 2011 with No Comments

Prayer of restoration for Spiritual Warfare

“Dear Heavenly Father,

We want to lift you up and bask in your glory.Lord, restore _________________ as he/she is weak and has lost so many hours of sleep on behalf of others.

Lord, give ______________ a recompense for every ounce of energy that has been taken out of  his/her body.Build ________________’s immune system and give him/her the deepest REM sleep he/she has ever had.Speak to ________________ in his/her slumber. Comfort _______________ and hold him/her.

Give _____________ a better understanding of you and as he/she relaxes in her body, massage her spirit and soul to be completely resting in you.As you massage ______________’s spirit, soul and mind, anoint him/her with the oil of you, and bless him/her to be strong for this next level.

Lord, please give ________________ peace as it has been a long time since he/she has just enjoyed the joy of your presence. Take his/her cares and wash them out of ___________’s mind, and prepare him/her for a season of complete trust in your goodness.You will provide.  Give  ______________  a double portion of his/her faith and trust in you and so, Lord, bring it on! He/She is ready! In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan


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