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Prayer for Breaking Occult Curses

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Spiritual Warfare

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Published on July 23, 2011 with No Comments

Prayer for Breaking Occult Curses

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you that I can use your Son’s name and in that name of Jesus you have provided the power to heal me.

In the name of Jesus, I cover myself and my entire family( on both the maternal and paternal side) in all the generations leading back to Adam with the blood of Jesus. I ask for giant warrior angels to encamp around us for protection.  Please send as many angels that we need to escort these demonic entities (and all their defiling residue) back into the pit you created for them.

I completely demolish all walls of protection around all white, grey, and black witches, warlocks, spirit guides, wizards, witch doctors, satanists, sorcerers, shamans, soothsayers, and any other spiritual leader or advisor. I abolish all curses, charms, vexes, spells, blessings, fetishes, hexes, psychic prayers, psychic thoughts, all witchcraft, magic, sorcery spells, black and white magic, voodoo magic, all mind control manipulations, Silva mind control, levitation, magic eight ball readings, bloody Mary rituals, light as a feather games, Mormonism, The Forum, fantasy games with occult images, self-cutting, any self-mutilation, tattoos, blood pacts, Native American spirit worship, Islam, Shintoism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Native American Indian Medcine men, Hawaiian Kahunas, Eskimo Shamans, Celtic Druidism, Black Muslims, Transcendental Meditation, Latter-day Saints, Russelites, The Science of Mind, Christian Science, Religious Science, Theosphy, Soritism or Spirtiualsm, Swedenborgianism, Soka, Gakkai, Rosicurcianism, Zen chants, Church of Scientology, mind-science cults, Jehovah’s Witness beliefs, superstitions, The Way International, martial arts mysticism, devotion or worship of sensei, Bahaism, violent or occult computer games, Obadiah, haunts, S.R.A., trans positive states, unclean spirits, U.F.O. encounters, alien abductions, alien encounters, alien surgeries, alien implants, Krishnas, jinxes, cursed potions, death wishes, destruction curses, sickness curses, pain curses, mental and physical torment curses, psychic power, crystal readings, palm readings, psychic prayers, prayer chains, tea leaf readings, charka readings, Free Masonry rites of passage, scientology levels of achievement, sacrifice rituals, blood rituals, sanitaria rituals, saint worship, Satan worship, angel worship, spirit guide council, blessed rosaries, Indian mythology rites of passage, druid ceremonies, knights templar, Taoism, pagan images and gods, psycho kinesis, psychic healing, false locutions, palm reading, precognition, inner space, self-actualization, higher self, biofeedback, transpersonal psychology, water divination, pendulums, rainbow energy, centaurs, unicorn adoration, enneagram, worship of mother earth, five-pointed star, swastika, all-seeing eye, Dianetics, global consciousness, color therapy, mind travel, astrology readings, energy healings, aura readings, card readings, coffee ground readings, divination, E.S.P., hypnosis, all magic, séances, clairvoyant mediums, necromancy, handwriting analysis, yoga chants, metaphysical healing groups, occult movies, occult programs, movies, books, games, bondage and inheritance curses, channeling, demonic pacts, dungeons and dragons, New Age mindsets, music and mantras, amulets, talismans, ankhs, yin and yang, Eastern religions, seven gods of Kami, Daruma and his evil eye, Kadomatsu god, transcendental meditation, clairvoyant activities, metaphysics, telepathy, xylomancy, zodiac, numerology, palmistry, phrentology, physiognomy, precognition, premonition, prognostication, reincarnation, rhadbdomancy, soul transmigration, demonomancy, spiritism, conjurism, cosmic consciousness, crystal gazing, clermonmancy, clidonacy ,chiromancy, ceroscopy, ceraunoscopy, cartomancy, oneiromancy, horoscope readings, automatic writings, alchemy, aeromancy, apantomancy, western parapsychology, alpha training, spoon bending practices, numerology, pyramid power, theosophy, swastika reverence, hexagram reverence, ankh reverence, peace symbol (or cross of Nero) reverence, worship of any aspect of nature(as in gods of the water, earth air, wind, rain, sun), Osiris (the spirit of vegetation), Horus (the god of heaven), Isis (the goddess of the sky), African juju worship, masonry, asmodeus spirit, botonomancy, augery, anamism, astral projection, graphology, genethialogy, libanomancy, gastromancy, fetishism, angel worship, saint worship, Virgin Mary worship, Fatima worship, causimonancy, familiar spirits, mystic Christianity, sabbat meetings, esbat meetings, the satanic church, satanic bible, satanic rites of passage, poltergeist activities, Hojah readings, crystal ball readings, wicca blessings and prayers, incense and candle burning, fire prayers, drum worship, incantations, chantings, bewitchments, curse of the evil eye, cursed blessings, hoodoo curses, crystal power, root works, and everything else being sent my way or any family member’s way or any deliverance ministries’ ways. I return it and the demons to the sender, damaged and maimed to be useless and powerless for eternity. The forces of evil will see them, and will feel compelled to further pick and destroy their former college from hell. This will lessen their powers, as a house divided cannot stand.

I bind them all in the name of Jesus Christ and I cover my family with the protective blood of Jesus. I bless those that have laid any curse on me (or my family) with the seed of salvation. They will be warriors for Christ and will bring many lost into the flock. What Satan meant for evil, the Lord will use for good.

I renounce any covenant I have made with any entity other than the Living God. There is no God but the one true God that has chosen in His infinite ability to present Himself in a triune nature. He is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. I accept the gift of God through Jesus Christ. He came to earth, lived a sinless life, and offered Himself a living sacrifice as payment for my personal sins. I accept this free gift of love. I believe in the power of His resurrection three days later. Lord, thank you for breaking the curses that I have or past relatives may have knowingly or unknowingly put upon my family’s future generations with any and all pagan practices. I ask that you release them and me from the evil I placed upon all of us with the spoken and unspoken covenants I have made or any relatives have made through involvement in the occult and it’s practices. I realize that there is no playing with the devil. This is a game of life and death and I choose life. I choose you.

Thank you for the gift of salvation and for imparting me with the same power you gave Jesus that raised Him from the dead. Allow the Holy Spirit within me to grow in spiritual maturity so that I may boldly go forward and follow His will, not mine.

For I am bought with a price, and with what zeal and interest I (or my past relatives) used to invest in the evil one, I ask that you give me seven times more for you. Help me to recognize and relate to other searching souls going down the same path of destruction that I was on. Lead me with wisdom to lead them to you.

Thank you for redeeming me from the curse and for gifting me with the blessings you bestowed to Abraham. I accept and embrace the blessings of Deuteronomy 28. As I turn from my sinful behavior, mindsets, and activities, I am choosing to reject the curses of Deuteronomy 27. Thank you, heavenly Father, for your grace and mercy upon me and my family and the future generations of our whole bloodline! Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan


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