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Prayer for work environment

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Published on August 14, 2012 with No Comments

Prayer for work environment

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for the job I have.  Many people are jobless today and you have provided a place where I can help support my family and bring in an income.

I want to serve you in every facet of my life—not just at home and with my family, but at work and in other areas where I am needed as well.

Sometimes the stress gets to me and I forget to lean on you when the pressure is intense. There are no reminders in my secular environment that you are available to me twenty-four hours a day. I don’t want to wait until things get too overwhelming for me before I remember to come to you.  Help me to keep you at the forefront of my mind and heart.

Lord, there are many people who know that I am a Christian and many people who do not.  I want your reputation to precede me and guide my actions and reactions to the issues life brings my way.

Help me to be a good witness in the honest way I deal with my business and the respect I give to others.

Let your light so shine through me that I draw people to me.  Bless me with promotions, favor and a life that is so amazing others will want to know what is the source of my blessing.  Let me always remember to give the credit back to you, Lord.

In Jesus’ precious name, guard my mouth and the testimony that my life reflects upon the God I serve.  Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

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