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Prayer for Discernment of the Anti-Christ Spirit

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Prayer, Spiritual Warfare

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Published on September 12, 2012 with No Comments

Prayer for Discernment of the Anti-Christ Spirit

“Dear Heavenly Father,

In your word we are warned of the age of the Anti Christ.  Satan is rising up his kingdom to blind the hearts and minds of the ones who enjoy living in rebellion.

Lord, we know that the blood of Jesus is a powerful weapon against any spiritual foe.  I thank you that because of Jesus’ suffering, that the ones who have claimed Him as God in their hearts and lives have the ability to apply His blood to any situation.

Lord, the spiritual war is heating up.  The lines of demarcation between the ones who enjoy evil and the ones who are fighting to live your way are becoming more defined everyday.  We know your mercy is great, and I ask that you extend another gracious outpouring of it in these last days.

For all those who have been massively hurt, offended, abused, misused, rejected and neglected, I pray that you send someone to show the love of God to them.  Soften their hearts to understand that you were never the enemy.  Satan’s plan for all of mankind is to use the root of bitterness and anger as a tool to reject the only hope there is—Jesus Christ.

Lord, I pray for all those who have been rejected by the church to open their hearts to GOD, as you were never a power to ever be contained in a building or denomination.  The hearts of imperfect men will always corrupt the name and reputation of anything that it touches.  Open the hearts of those who have rejected you because of past hurt and pain.  You were never the source of it. Let the god of this world (satan) get the credit for it.  In your word, you warned that he would try to steal, kill and destroy every good thing that man could have.  And, Lord, what greater thing could he take from man, than his hope in you?

I thank you that your mercy is great.  Pour it out upon us, Lord.  So many ignorant ones have been believing in the lies of the enemy.  Open their eyes to the love and truth that is all around them.  Help them to see that you have been calling and blessing them this whole time.

In the name of Jesus, I pray for every believer to get a double portion of faith, love, trust, obedience in you, a worshiper’s heart and fear of the Lord.  I pray for a double portion of what was in their hearts yesterday, and for that double portion to increase exponentially until Jesus returns.

I pray for supernatural wisdom and discernment for your children and for the leaders who have the serious responsibility of taking your people to a higher level of intimacy and service for your kingdom.

In the end days, you warned that the Anti-Christ would seduce the masses with false promises of peace.  He would bring a temporary world peace, but it in the end everyone who has fallen under his trap and taken his mark, will suffer for eternity.

Lord, open our spiritual eyes to discern and not be seduced by the false powers, miracles and charismatic nature of the Anti-Christ.

Gird up our will, give us the determination to stand our ground and not compromise what we know in our hearts is the truth.  Lead the weak to get strong by soaking in the truth of your word everyday. Those who have studied and endured in your word will not be deceived by the satanic spirit of the Anti-Christ.  We will know the truth, and the truth will set us free.

Satan’s only goal is to take the souls of man down the ultimate path of destruction—an eternity that is void of the presence of God.  In hell there will be no joy, hope, love or compassion.  No restoration or new beginning.  It will be a place of constant darkness, torment, hopelessness and suffering.

You never created man in your glorious image to suffer like this.  Impart upon the heart of every believer a new vigor in their hearts to witness for you, as the only thing we can take with us in heaven is souls for your honor.  Lord, anoint us with a fresh outpouring of your Holy Spirit, help us to continue speaking in tongues, warning others and living a holy life that will reap heavenly rewards that will never corrupt.

In Jesus’ name, and for His sake, help us all to grow up and not take our freedom for granted, while we have it—we must use it for your glory, Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

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