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Prayer for breaking off spiritual blindness for salvation

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Prayer, Spiritual Healing


Published on March 09, 2013 with No Comments

Prayer for breaking off spiritual blindness for salvation

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I am praying on behalf of my loved ones that don’t understand the gravity of an eternity without you.

Lord, my heart is so heavy.  This is because I know the truth of why Jesus died on the cross.  It isn’t just a ‘nice’ dramatic story about some prophet from God.

Jesus was the Son of God.  Many of my friends and loved ones won’t bother to give Him a chance.  They’ve shut their spiritual eyes and closed their hearts to the idea that they need a Savior. Lord, we all need you.  You know this.  This is why you sent your Son.

In the name of Jesus, I speak over the spiritual vision and heart of ________________________.  Up until today, witnessing to _____________________ has been near impossible.

I have tried in vain, so I must leave ________________in your hands, Lord.

I commit to never stop praying for the salvation of_____________’s soul.  I know you created ___________ and you love him/her more than I ever possibly could.

Help me to relax.  With each day that passes, I fear it could be ________________’s last.  I bind the demonic spirit of fear.  You will no longer control this situation.

Lord, give me supernatural control and wisdom to only speak about you when the time is right.  This will only happen when _____________’s heart is soft towards accepting you. Please keep me sensitive to your promptings.  Help me to be quiet when I need to be quiet and give me the right words when it is time to speak about your Son, Jesus.

In the name of Jesus I bind the spirits of pride, all religious spirits and the spirits of fear and confusion.

You will no longer be blinding______________ from understanding what Jesus did at the cross. I cover _____________ in the protective blood of Jesus.

Lord, today I ask that you write the name _________________ in your Lamb’s book of life.

Although I cannot see it in the natural, by faith I will claim witness to you writing it.

This is your will, Lord.  Your will be done in ___________’s life as it in in heaven.

Lord there are many obstacles in this life that are getting in the way of _________________ choosing wisdom for an eternal life with you.  Break down every barrier that is trying to come between you and __________________.  Allow everything that needs to happen to lead ____________ into a genuine repentence and salvation.

In the name of Jesus, I break the curses of any family lineage of spiritual blindness that might have come from _______________’s mothers bloodline or father’s bloodline in the generations leading all the way back to Adam. Today, the curse of spiritual blindness is broken.  Your reign over _____________ and all future generations is over.

I break the curse of wealth, relying on riches in this life, education or relying on the wisdom of man or traditions from effecting ________________’s spiritual thinking.

In the name of Jesus, I pray that ________________ will seek you earnestly with all his/her heart, soul and mind.

When ___________________ calls out the name of Jesus, I ask that you give ____________________ a miracle.  Heal and touch his/her life in such a way that they will never be the same again.

_________________ will praise and glorify your name until he/she comes home to be with you.

In Jesus’ name, let every demonic force tremble for trying to take the precious soul of_________________ Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan



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