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Prayer against Witchcraft and Occult Curses:

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Prayer, Spiritual Warfare

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Published on August 20, 2012 with No Comments

Prayer against Witchcraft and Occult Curses:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the power of your Son’s blood.  He atoned for all my sins and has washed me clean.  Because of this blood, I am free to come boldly to the throne.

Lord, I need your protection. The enemy is aggressively attacking my mind, family and home.  These attacks are getting worse everyday and I am starting to lose hope that things will ever be better.

In the name of Jesus I any and all witchcraft spirits, illuminati, scientology, free masonry and any other cult or religion that does not lift up the name of JESUS as the Lord and Savior for my sins.

I break every curse that has been spoken over my mind, body and family.  I render them harmless and ineffective.  I bless the ones who have tried to hurt me with these curses. I bind the spirits that are working through them. I cancel the demonic operation that has been set against me. Expose the wickedness and humble the people that are working with the devil to have soft hearts of repentance.  Save their souls.

In the name of Jesus I cancel the chants, spells and written curses that have been placed to destroy me.  Let the wickedness be overcome by your great power, now, Lord. Let your arm lift me out of this pit, and let your anger fall and destroy the strongholds of the enemy as I stand firm in the palm of your hand.

Purge my lips and tongue to speak only holy things so I will give no place to the enemy.  Baptize me in the Holy Spirit with fire and let the fire of God be seen in the spirit to purge all wickedness that comes into my presence.  Evil cannot affect me, but the Holy Spirit who is burning within me will uproot and destroy all wicked plans and operations that try to stop the move of God within me.

Lord, release your fire.  I walk in your obedience and you promised to protect and defend the innocent ones with pure hearts and good intentions.

Purify my heart with so much goodness and innocence, that evil will have no gateway into my soul.

The Lord is my defender.  Jehovah Nissi you are my banner.  I lift the name of Jesus over this demonic assignment against me and as the Lord hides me under the secret place of the most high, He will create confusion in the air so that the enemy won’t find me.

Jehovah Rappha, you are the God that heals.  Heal me from this attack.  Help me to be restored, rejuvenated and filled with the joy of the Lord.  I am not only asking for a blessing, I am asking for supernatural blessing.  Let the Lord restore my mind, body family and finances and rebuke the devourer for my sake as I have sewed into your kingdom Lord with my tithes of prayers and obedience to you.  Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

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