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Prayer for Mononucleosis

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Physical Healing

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Published on July 22, 2011 with No Comments

Prayer for Mononucleosis

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for the miracle and wisdom contained in our human bodies.  It is a glorious thing when all systems work and function at their primary level.

We come to you on behalf of _____________.  ________________ has been suffering for ____________ days now with a high fever.  Lord, you know what is going on with _____________and _____________’s family’s financial situation. ___________ cannot afford to be taken under by a dissabilitating sickness like Mono.

Lord, it says in your word that by your stripes we are healed.  _______________ is a child of God and I know you want good things for ___________________.  We are living in a world steeped in wickedness and the enemy is trying to discourage __________________ by attacking ______________’s body, spirit and finances.  We stand against that.

Lord, we lift our shields of faith, which have layers of answered prayers in the past on them.  This is a testimony to how real your miracles are today.

In the name of Jesus, please cover __________’s body with the blood of Christ.  Work a miracle in his/her cells to fight this inner battle of her immune system.  Strengthen every fiber of _____________’s being with the joy of you and bring into alignment his/her body that is out of balance right now.  __________ is suffering from a sore throat, high fever, lost of appetite, fatigue, swollen glands, chills and lack of energy.  Most of all, Lord restore_______________’s spirit, as this is the fuel that will enable his/her body to work at the level you created it to.  In Jesus precious name, let the testimony of ___________’s victory over this sickness be another trophy of your grace, Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

Prayer should never be a substitute for receiving adequate medical attention.  Please pray for yourself in addition to getting searching for proper treatment of any medical condition.  www.shalombewithyou.com does not assume any responsibility for any personal decisions or choices make by it’s readers.

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