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Prayer for a knee injury

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Physical Healing

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Published on July 22, 2011 with No Comments

Prayer for a knee injury

“Dear Heavenly Father,

We bring ____________ to you.  You created ____________and his/her body and you know what is wrong with it now.  This knee injury is no problem in comparison to your power to heal it.  Lord, we ask for your mercy on ______________’s knee.

Lord, we believe you have the power to heal.  Take away our unbelief.  Shove that mountain of doubt into the sea and take it away.  We need an increase of faith in you.  Lord, help us trust our bodies and our hearts from being discouraged from this set-back.

In____________’s circumstance  please allow complete healing.  Lead him/her to rely completely on you.  Give ___________ books and verses to grow his/her faith and strengthen _____________’s trust.

We know that by your stripes we are healed and we believe you will use this quiet time to have fellowship with __________________.  I pray that his/her fellowship with you is amazing; that ________________ feels the presence of you so strong that there is no doubt that you will use all things for your glory, even this injury.

As _______________’s spirits are lifted in your presence, cause that injury to heal in a miraculous way.  Protect ______________’s attitude from bitterness and resentment.  Allow his/her smile to be a witness for you.  At every doctor’s appointment, place a person who needs you in his/her path and show _____________  his/her reason for being there.

Give him/her the wisdom and words to reach out and give the gospel, a kind word, or just honor to you.In the name of Jesus, Lord, take the swelling and the pain down.  Decrease  ___________’s need for any painkiller or medicine.   We pray for a good doctor’s report on  his/her MRI, so __________________ will no have to go through surgery or a painful rehabilitation.

Lord, work a miracle in  his/her body and allow all those bones to pop back into alignment, heal and be restored into a better than original condition.

During this time, bring the family together.  Bless  his/her work and protect this families finances to not be affected by this set-back

Lord, allow this family to be blessed beyond measure as they continue to seek your face and know that their heavenly Father will provide all their needs.

Bring peace to the home.  Give everyone a mind to help each other and not make _____________ feel like a burden.  Allow each member to serve __________ in his/her injury as if they were serving Christ Himself.   It is  time for ______________ to be taken care of.  Speak this to their hearts every time they start to think about themselves instead of ____________________.

Show them through this trial, how hard working ________________ is and all the things he/she does for them that go unnoticed.  Bless this family with a new appreciation for the Proverbs person that is in their home, broken and injured, needing their support.

In Jesus’ precious name, bring blessings, glory and the_____________ family together, Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

Prayer should never be a substitute for receiving adequate medical attention.  Please pray for yourself in addition to getting searching for proper treatment of any medical condition.  www.shalombewithyou.com does not assume any responsibility for any personal decisions or choices make by its readers.


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