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Prayer for World Wide revival

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in National/Global


Published on August 16, 2012 with No Comments

Prayer for World Wide revival

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for the power you have given us to bind the enemy. We bind the principalities and powers of spiritual blindness and darkness that have covered my home, my country and this beautiful world you have created. I bind the spirit of rebellion against God right now.

In the name of Jesus I annul all unholy and unsanctified covenants made with idols and demonic entities by my bloodline.

I pray on behalf of my country and nation that is under current deception. Unclean spirits will no longer follow or influence me (or others) through me.  In the name of Jesus these dark spirits must depart.

Let the smoke of illusion that satan has covered over this world be lifted.  I pray that people can see with their spiritual eyes the unseen battle that rages for their souls.

Witchcraft spirits, religious spirits and false prophets and ministers I render you useless.  I break your power and release the anointing of God upon His children to continue to stand on God’s word against your retaliations.  We will prevail.

Release the power of Elijah upon this generation.  We need a double portion of his anointing to break the yokes of wickedness that have captured the hearts of our people.

In the name of Jesus we will sound the trumpet that will break down the barrier walls that has tried to stop the overflow of your Spirit in the past. The dam is broken.  Your Spirit is released, Lord!  Let the power of you be felt strongly.

We release the battering ram against the gates of hades and shake shackles that have held many in a prison they cannot see but feel and know is real.

God is opening the gates of his people and our cities and nations for the King of glory to be ushered in.

The foundations of the wicked will be exposed and broken in our homes, churches, schools, governments and leaders who are corrupt in their leading.

We follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and we are protected in the blood of Jesus as we move from glory to glory.

Lord, fill those who are saved with so much joy and such a heart to witness and save others that they will not be able to contain the power of their witness.  They will not hold back how you have changed them.  They will open their mouths and speak of the salvation through Jesus and the sound waves will cancel the lies of the enemy upon all who hear them speak. Millions who have been searching for the one true God will find you and will help usher others into your kingdom because of the boldness and obedience of your people.

We pray for an abundant harvest of RICH fruit and seeds that are firmly planted and grounded in your Word. In Jesus’ name we praise you for the world wide rival that is starting now, Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

*The end of the age is here.  Jesus is coming soon.  Pass this supernatural prayer for worldwide revival to every prayer warrior and church leader you know. You will be blessing to the whole world.

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