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Prayer against demonic forces of doubt against ministry people

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Demonic Help Prayers

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Published on September 18, 2011 with No Comments

Prayer against demonic forces of doubt against ministry people

“In the name of Jesus _________and I lift up our shields of faith and gleam into the enemy’s eye the victories of the past. God has always come through for us, never early, but always in perfect time. HIS TIME. We bind the spirit of doubt, defeatism and depression right now in Jesus’ name.

Lord, give ________________ new eyes and a fresh perspective about this next level of service you are taking ________________ to. I bind the spirit of pride that is trying to take ______________ and his/her ministry down a path that is not ordained in Christ. Lord—show______________ the lies of the enemy and the deceitful practices that he/she might not have noticed because he/she wants to do it all.

In the name of Jesus, EXPOSE the enemy, Lord. Show ______________ the right path to go on, and lead him/her to the verses that will ground him/her firmly in you. ___________________ knows just what to do, but sometimes we all need to be reminded to get back into the WORD as that is the only thing that has the power to break all ungodly lies, ties and strongholds.

In the name of Jesus, use this time of introspection to nurture ___________________’s soul. The enemy is using this quiet time in________ ____________’s career in ministry to breed doubt and insecurity. We are onto this ploy that he uses on all of God’s children.  Quiet time spent alone with God is never an investment that will not get a return.  This quiet time and slow period is building unshakable faith.   We know that God has good things planned for all of His children, but it is up to _________________ to hold onto that promise and claim it, even when times get rough.  God and will finish the work He started in _______________.

Lord, show __________________ how to be still and know that YOU are God. Allow _____________ to let go of all of his/her  projected agendas and get back to the basics. Burn away the dross of the flesh, as that will slow down _______________.  It is the distraction that will keep _________________’s eyes off of you.

Restore ____________’s peace, as I help _____________________ place on his/her shoes of peace, the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, and his/her shield of faith, let ____________________ lift up the Sword of your Word and strike back at the enemy with the word of God.

Lord, in this time of battle we lift your name and praise you! For in our time of greatest weakness you are our fortress, our deliverer! Selah! We praise you that you will take over from this point on. In the name of Jesus let ________________ rest peacefully in you. As the Battle rages on, give ___________ the peace that passes all understanding.  As the firey darts are quenched by speaking your Word out-loud, we will rejoice because your victory is sweet to witness!

This battle was always Your’s to begin with Lord, and we are just honored to be on the winning side. Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

If you or someone you know is being abused in any way, do not recommend using prayer as a substitute for getting help. We, at shalombewithyou.com recommend prayer in addition to getting help.  Reach out to someone safe who will assist you in protecting yourself.  If you notice someone else who is being abused, seek guidance on how to help that person from a certified abuse counselor. 


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