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Prayer against Pornography

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Adult Issues

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Published on July 24, 2011 with No Comments

Prayer against Pornography

 “Dear Heavenly Father,

We know that this world is ruled by satan and his goal is to tear apart the family unit.  The husband and wife are his target and lust and perversion are the distraction that he has to get their eyes of the union God gave them.  Lust will be a snare for the good things that God has planned for them.

In the name of Jesus I bind the spirit of pornography, lust, adultery, perversion, secrets, lies, hiding, sexual self-gratification, immorality, infidelity of the body, infidelity of the mind, and infidelity of the heart.

When temptation comes, Lord you have provided a way of escape for us.  Give each member of our family the wisdom and the strength to rely on the word of God during weak times.  Expose the enemy by showing the evil behind the phased of instant pleasure and gratification.

Convict the hearts that are drawn to this sin as it is a curse against our own bodies.

Pornography and lust have no power over any person in our family on either of the bloodlines.  We break every curse, covenant and any curse of incest on every bloodline in Jesus’ name.  The things that have happened in the past bloodlines will not continue into the lives of the present and future generations.

We cast down and expose the lies of the enemy that pornography, perversion and lust will offer something better.  It will only offer death destruction to all things sacred and good and pure.

Every member of our family will value true love and genuine affection.  They will seek to provide it and to be surrounded by it.

Our family will be blessed as we have made a choice and a stand to live with honor and integrity, not by the fleeting emotions and desires of the flesh.

In Jesus’ precious name, give everyone a desire to love you more than themselves, Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan


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