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How to Submit Your Christian Testimony

Christian testimonies

Christian Testimonies of God’s Love and Blessings:

Because of how powerful God is; the testimonies of how He can change lives can be very inspirational. The stories of salvation can be the motivation that gives any struggling person hope. Without hope, it is hard to hold out and wait for your current trial to pass. With hope, most people can endure more than they ever thought. It is empowering to read true stories of how God has changed people’s circumstances; situations and attitudes of people that have allowed Him access their life.

If you have a story that you believe will leave a positive impact in someone else’s life, consider sharing it. Testifying God’s love in your life is a powerful tool for Christianity. Your real-life inspirational experience with God can be a crucial part of building another’s hope and possibly being part of the healing process for them. Please submit your testimony of how the word of the Lord God has made your life complete.

Christian testimonies

Your personal story of how God and the redeeming power of Jesus Christ can touch another hurting human-being on the other side of the globe, or just down the street! The point is you have made a decision to reach out and share a piece of you. This is what Christ has called all believers to do. We are the “hands and feet” of God by reaching out, God is the one that will finish the healing we started when we make the choice to come out of ourselves. We can be partners with God in healing each other’s pain!

Our friend, Kathy Gray has written a helpful guide to help you to communicate your personal story in the clearest way; so the message is not lost. Please use this tutorial to assist you not only organize your thoughts and experiences, but to put them in an order that will best serve the people who are reading them. This personal testimony of faith is something you will not regret taking the time to write. Even if you never share it with www.shalombewithyou.com, you can share it with your church, friends and family. Whatever you use it for, the power of healing benefits you as well! Writing your life story and salvation experience will re-affirm and rekindle the joy of your salvation. We live in a painful world today. We are sure you have been rescued from much. Give God the glory and SHOW Him how thankful you are with your actions AND your words!

Testimonies of Christians

Testimonies of how people have turned their life around through accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior is a powerful message. Life in so many areas around the world is trenched in evil and sadness. Many don’t see hope anymore. If your experience is similar to their life-story, and you have come out on the “other side”, whole, healed and victorious, that speaks volumes.

We are praying not only that you feel compelled to share your own story, but that you read the stories of other’s trials that Jesus Christ has helped them overcome. We know that their experience of God’s Love will give you strength, healing and hope for deliverance from your own personal chains of defeat. Let their stories inspire you to reach out for the love and happiness your heart has been searching for. Be the beacon of light to help lead others to the Source of Light: Jesus.

Satan is a real threat. The Devil and His demons plague people everyday. Demonic possession is not a game, or an illusion. Possession and oppression is dangerous because not only can a person lose their life here on earth, they risk losing their eternal soul to darkness and eternal torment. Anyone can be targeted by demons; From the “ innocent dabbler” in the occult to those who willingly fall into a life that worships the devil himself. God’s Love allows all human-beings to be reborn, restored and completely free. Any person humble enough to turn to Jesus as their Savor can emerge out the darkness and deception and into the Light of His love and healing.

Please read these stories and share them with the ones in your life that are tempted to play with the devil and listen to his demonic lies. I personally want to request that you keep these people in your prayers. The darkness that they brought upon their own life will always attempt to leak back in. We know God is greater than any darkness; but we must continue to pray for strength and wisdom from those who were formally deceived to continue to pray, read the Word and stand against the enemy of darkness.

Salvation testimonies

God cares about every detail of our life. If we are in pain, physically, mentally, spiritually it matters to Him. He created you, and if you accepted Christ as your Savior, He is your heavenly Father! Just like your earthy parents he desires the best for you.

Many people think that God is so big and “too busy” with important things to be bothered with “their little problems”. They wait until some big disaster before they come to God in prayer. Nothing could be more insulting to God. He created man to have a relationship with us. He craves to hear and answer our prayers! He wants to show His glory by answering them and giving you a testimony of victory to share with others. A life that has been changed by Him will bring more into His eternal kingdom.

If God has healed you in a miraculous way, I encourage you to share your experience with Him. Let’s lift up God in a real way by showing others how he cares for our very real human problems.