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Please understand that Shalom Be With You is constantly being contacted. Julia Shalom Jordan responds according to need as she deems fit. As much as she wants to connect with each and every person visiting her website it is not possible unless visitors follow the guidelines.


Julia asks that you please respect the following when contacting her:

Submit a Testimonial in any form that she believes/feels/is advised does not meet the standards of Christian lifestyle that  she upholds this website to.

Please do not spam her with random offers of services and items. Especially items and services that are clearly offensive to the owner and visitors of this website.

Please do not attack her beliefs, thoughts or other religious rights. All vicious comments & attacks will be automatically deleted from comment forms.

With the exception of quotes with proper citation to the author, please do NOT submit to us any previously published material. Due to copyright issues we will reject it without review.

Julia does travel for speaking engagements. However her time is very limited and she is very selective of what events she will appear at.


Serious Inquires Only – Spam and Solicitations Will Be Deleted.

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