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Confession of Favor:

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Published on July 25, 2011 with No Comments

Things The Lord will give me Favor on:


I have favor with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, a very intimate relationship with them.

I have favor with the mirror; I like what I see. I am encouraged, not discouraged.

I have favor with people, men and women.

I have favor at the gym, great workouts, great results, great spiritual growth and revelations!

I have favor with my husband. He loves me for all the right reasons.

I have favor with my family.  I will love them with no expectations.  They will stop seeing the old me, and embrace the new creature you created!

I have favor with my speech.  I have the vocabulary of Royalty! No swearing, no gossip!

I have favor with my stomach, I stop BEFORE I need to; and eat only healthy things.

My husband has favor with his businesses, he blesses God right back!

My husband has favor with his clients, he enjoys them and gets bonuses!

My husband’s partner has favor and LOTS of clients.

We have favor with health insurance.

My body has favor; it functions pain free and I take much joy in it!



This week goals:

The Holy Spirit will take control over my thoughts and emotions.  No flesh!

I speak only when the Holy Spirit moves me; I bridle my tongue!

I watch things and listen to things that uplift my spirit.

I am a blessing to all that I come in contact with.

I take my pain, and use it to God’s advantage.

I eat well. (This means half my portions at restaurants, and I watch snacking (50-75 cal.)

My workouts build my body in a healthy way; they do not destroy it.



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