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Confession of calling on things as if they are for women:

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Published on July 25, 2011 with No Comments

Confession of calling on things as if they are for women:


I am a woman of my word; I am respected for my honor.

I am a woman of God’s standards; I LOVE to do the right thing.

I am a woman of inner beauty, I reflect Jesus Christ in my Spirit.

I am a woman of outer beauty; I am confidant in who I am and how Christ designed me.

I am a woman that blesses every one in her presence, because the presence of the Lord is with me everywhere I go.

People want to be around me, because I have the favor of God with me.

I have the tongue of royalty; I speak in a way that honors my father.

I am the pride and joy of my husband.

I bless my husband, and cater to his needs.

I put God before my husband and my husband before myself.

I trust the Lord to take care of the inner desires of my heart.

The Lord is restoring my family.

The Lord is working on softening my unsaved relative’s heart.  He is softening them to Him.

I live a life that reflects Jesus Christ, without saying a word; my walk is a powerful message.

The Lord is blessing my husband’s businesses; my husband will bless God’s house back and give Glory to Him.

The Lord is sending spiritual friends for my husband and I to pray with.

The Lord is preparing a house for us; we will know it when we see it.

The Lord is blessing his people and using us as a tool to show His love.



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