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Testimony of Alicia M.

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Miracle Testimonies

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Published on March 01, 2012 with No Comments

Testimony of Alicia M.

On May 9th 2008 my dad went into the hospital for an angioplasty surgery procedure. When the doctor opened up my father, he saw that all of the arteries to my dad’s heart were blocked and branching off by themselves. The doctor came and told us that dad needed to have to have open heart surgery and that he could not finish the angioplasty. The doctor then schedules my dad’s surgery for May 23rd 2008 and sends him home.

Weeks go by and finally May 23rd comes and it’s time for dad to go back to the hospital for his surgery. The doctor starts the surgery and after a while comes out and tells us our precious dad is dead. Everyone was standing around crying except for me.  While the doctor is telling us about dad’s death, God gave me a vision of dad being asleep. I felt God leading my heart go into the room and lay hands on my dad and tell him to “wake up.” I walked into the room and went over to the bed and laid my hands on my dad. I said, “Dad, wake up.” He opens his eyes and sits up. The tubes hooked up to him fell out because he sat up so quickly. Nobody believed me when I yelled, “Code here!” dad is alive.

They all thought I was crazy.  But as soon as they came to the room, they saw my father sitting up very much alive and awake. God did this miracle to show all of us that the power of life and death really is in what you say. It is sad to admit, that my mouth said some pretty horrible things over my father and his health.  I had been wishing, speaking and praying that he would just die because I hated him. Thank goodness God was merciful to fill my mouth with blessings and graceful enough to honor those instead. God is so good. Thank you Jesus!

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