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  • Prayer for Christmas.

    Prayer for Christmas

    “Dear Heavenly Father, This season was originally celebrated with Christ at the very center.  Over time, consumerism and commercialism have corrupted and cheapened it. Jesus was the gift that God bestowed to all of humanity. …

  • Prayer for shalom.

    Prayer for Shalom during the Holiday season

    “Dear Heavenly Father, It is that time of year again…the time of celebration for the birth of your dear Son, Jesus. This time should about reflection of your goodness and happiness that Christ was born.…

  • Prayer for depression during the holiday season.

    Prayer for loss of a loved one during the holiday season

    “Dear Heavenly Father, This time of year is especially hard on me.  As I watch people bustling around in preparation for joyous activities, I am reminded of the people I have loved and lost. It…

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving.

    Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

    “Dear Heavenly Father, Today is officially Thanksgiving Day.  As we gather with the friends and family that we love and hold so many memories with, I ask that you impart your presence with us today.…

  • Prayer for loneliness during the holidays.

    Prayer for loneliness during the Holiday Season

    “Dear Heavenly Father, The holidays are quickly approaching and my heart is struggling with such weariness.  During this season, many are happy and seeing evidence of this only makes me feel worse. Lord, the holidays…