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Christian Book Review – So Long, Insecurity

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Published on September 28, 2012 with No Comments

Christian Bible Based Story Book Review:
So Long, Insecurity By: Beth Moore

What a wonderful read for any woman at any stage in her life. Beth Moore has such a relaxed style of writing that allows the reader to connect with her, because she wraps wisdom up in a package that is easy to understand and she speaks in a way that woman can relate to.

The images that the media portrays of how a woman should value herself are damaging to the minds and hearts of women young and old. If the issues are not addressed early on, they can become lifelong strongholds that are hard to overcome.

Overview From Publishers Weekly

Prolific Bible teacher and women’s ministry leader Moore (Get Out of That Pit) moves away from her characteristic dead-on expositions of scriptural principles in her newest; the topic is insecurity, and the content, she admits, is close to an autobiography. Moore, always transparent with her own personal struggles, is refreshingly so throughout this text. Readers will be chortling in laughter one moment and sucking air the next as Moore exposes the many faces of female insecurity. The author names and claims each one, then defuses every bit of power these nonsensical inner voices possess by countering their lies with God’s truth. Women, no matter what their age, battle against advertising’s siren call for unattainable physical perfection; the habit of making a man’s love the ultimate validation; and the worldly definition of success as money, power, and status. Moore uses personal essays, women’s true confessions, expressive prayers, and lots of commonsense suggestions to jar women out of their insecure rut. Readers will delve into this work and find themselves comfortably uncomfortable, and this is a very good thing. (Feb.)

Beth takes this issue and breaks it down from many different angles. She also gives testimonies of other women. Sharing their stories to connect even more with a reader that deals with issues outside of Beth’s personal sphere of experience.

She gives hope, a plan against the enemy’s attack on woman’s self worth and her living testimony of how she overcame it by aggressively searching within herself and asking the Lord to help her obey the voice of wisdom that was leading her out of the darkness of defeat into the healing of the light of God.

I think this golden gem will be staying on my shelf for a lifetime—whether it is a ‘fat day’ or a serious meltdown, I think Beth’s firm but soft approach is just the ticket for when my faith is starting to crumble.

***** 5 star rating! I highly recommend this book.

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