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Christian Book Review – Fashioned by Faith

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Published on September 10, 2012 with No Comments

Christian Bible Based Story Book Review: Fashioned by Faith By: Rachel Lee Carter

“What a wonderful book for young woman who are struggling with the tempting fashion choices that we have today.

Rachel Lee Carter is a former fashion model that understands the natural draw that most women in American culture have to look and feel beautiful.

Today’s culture seems to be very against the idea of females presenting themselves in a way that demands respect and honor.

Rachel not only gives great inspiration for those who feel like they must make a choice to either be fashionable or frumpy and shows that you can be modest and still look good while honoring God and your body at the same time.

This book is written with a younger reading audience in mind, but I highly recommend it to any woman that is struggling with low self-esteem.” – Julia Shalom Jordan

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