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Christian Book Review – Demons Exposed

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Published on November 27, 2012 with No Comments

Christian Book Review - Demons Exposed

Christian Bible Based Story Book Review: Demons Exposed By: Tim Thompson


I enjoyed this book quite immensely. It is reminiscent of the classic novel by C.S. Lewis: ‘The screw tape letters’.
Tim cleverly explains the spiritual realm with a means we can all relate to—letters and words written by demons in correspondence to each other.
In this fictional book, he shares the demonic realm and expose the tactics of our spiritual enemy, Satan. Tim vividly portrays the very specific ways Satan and his demons operate. He breaks down the spiritual war in a way we can understand it: There is a commander in Chief of evil (Satan) and the commander in Chief of good, God.
Unfortunately, Satan’s power and reign are very limited when compared to the Almighty Creator of the universe.
In Tim’s colorful and descriptive writing, we are continually reminded that the power of what Jesus did for us at the cross (by shedding his holy and sinless blood for us sinners) that we can claim our victory and not live under defeat like so many believers do.
I think this book is a must-read for Christians who love God but feel like they have no power. Tim explains where the source of their power comes from (the blood of Christ) and how we can apply it.
Tim encourages all believers to grow up and start empowering themselves by reading the word of God on a daily basis to claim the victory Jesus died to give us.
This book is entertaining and a great educational tool to open the minds of it’s readers to seeing into the spiritual realm a bit more clearly.

~ Julia Shalom Jordan – Daily Christian Devotions, Prayers, Verses

To learn more about Tim Thompson and his ministry go to: http://www.ExposingTheDarkness.com/

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