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Shadow boxing the devil in spiritual warfare

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Shadow boxing the devil in spiritual warfare

Those engaged in spiritual warfare can learn something from real boxers. Fighting requires practice, but also facing the opponent.

Shadow Boxing:

I present some videos below. These are my notes.

Consider how this relates to the spiritual world, and prayer:

video (1)

1. relax

2 watch yourself in mirror – see yourself and what you are doing.

3. add one step at a time

4. foot work

5. Jabbing

Benefits: boxing your shadow imaginary opponent is practice for the real opponent

video (2)

www.omgfitness.com.au  by denny the trainer

Proper Stance

Throw punches – jab left and right

Feet move


Try combinations

Keep moving

Go back and front

Learn how to slide out of the way- one foot stays close to ground

Full body involvement

Watch posture


Protect your face and head

Get your punches in

Remember, this is just practice. You then have to face your opponent.


Same principles apply to prayer.

There are 2 parts to spiritual warfare:

1. practice

2. facing the opponent


You need to relax, and not be afraid.

You need to be aware of your own movements, to see if they are effective, or allow the enemy to attack you.

You need to guard your mind.

You need to practice each aspect of warfare until you are good at it

Reading the Word of God

Allowing it to fill you

Calling on the Holy Spirit to enable you

Praying the scriptures

Using the authority of Jesus

Covering yourself with the blood of Jesus.

Watching where your feet take you – into trouble, or away from it?

Knowing specific scriptures that will “jab” the enemy for your situation

Proper positioning – are you saved, living for God, or do you have sin in your life?

Constant movement –staying out of the enemy’s reach, it also tones the spirit to be constantly active in prayer and fasting

Be constant in your punches at the enemy

Learn to grow spiritually, by daily discipline in the Word of God

Facing the opponent

Practicing is important. Defeating the enemy is the goal.

Remember, that with all the prayers of the Israelites, God still expected them to go out and face the enemy, and defeat him.

I see many Christians hide in their bedrooms, or huddle at church, to pray against the enemy.

This is fine, if the enemy is actually there with them.

Examples of this are:


demonic oppression

generational curses

affliction due to sin.

In this case, the spirit they are fighting against is there with them, in association with their spirit, afflicting them.

But, in many cases, the enemy is elsewhere.


Problems with someone outside your bedroom, or outside your church

Work issues

Witchcraft practiced from a distance

Behind your back gossip, or slander

Legal issues that need court resolution.

Sick loved one, who lives at a distance from you

If you spend all your prayer time shadow boxing the afflicting demon, when the demon is not there, you are wasting your breath, time and energy.

You need to go into action as well.

You need to face your opponent, and use the resources around you to confront the enemy.

You may need to collect witnesses and support people and confront the person – face to face.

You may need to go to court, and have evidence.

You may need to go over the head of the person who is harming you, and go to a greater secular authority, and file a complaint.

You may need to go directly to the room of the sick loved one and pray.

You may need to rebuke the spirits around a witch, and tell her she has no authority over you.

In fact, you are there to bind and break her power in Jesus name, and tell her to repent, or go to hell when she dies.

You have to speak directly to the demon, or act directly against it, depending on the surroundings you are in.

Use discernment.

Rebuking a witch cannot take place in a courtroom, in a legal setting, but you can surely get her in private outside, when no one is looking. Have your back up buddies with you.

Standing up for yourself is very important.

Being the battered victim, weeping in your bedroom, is not enough.

Or rebuking an enemy that is not there is only swinging at the wind, unless you face the enemy and do this in person also.

The enemy expects you to give up, and give in.

You need to stick up for yourself, and fight.

Be confident in who you are, and the righteousness you have in Jesus.

Respect yourself, and demand respect from others.

Do not be a doormat for the devil. Give him a hard time back.

Use your authority in Jesus, and fight until you have victory.

You can do it!

Author: Marianne Tioran

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