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Jezebel in Church Carnal Christianity

Written by Julia Shalom Jordan. Posted in Articles, Spiritual Warfare Articles


Published on August 16, 2013 with No Comments

Jezebel in Church Carnal Christianity

Note: This woman’s beastly, primitive, predatory behavior is amazing. All she and her husband talk about is sex and aggression. How good their orgasms are at home. How sexy she is. How to be a good bully. They are the sex experts, even though they cannot make each other happy. This is godlessness, full blown ego and self-glory. And the crowd cheers on in laughter, and adoration, for them. Everything that is spoken says “Look at me, and how great and powerful I am. Be like me, not God.” There are two kinds of Jezebels- aggressive and sneaky. This is an example of the aggressive type. The violent, loud, harsh, angry, rebellious manner is supposed to impress you as “power.” No tender words for Jesus in all this. specific example (Juanita Bynum):





Their Booty Gospel:

Bishop Weeks is no prize either. The government needs to shut down this church as a sex cult, or porn club. This is NOT Christianity !!! The carnal Jezebel rides again!!

What is really bad is that people bring their children to church to hear this kind of trash. Listen to the congregation laugh and cheer them on. Click here for more

she attacks


She plays the victim, and sheds tears. Notice she is “NOT wrong.” Avoids responsibility:


instructional videos (4 part series) about jezebels in general





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